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Membership in the association and its benefits

Lithuanian Association of Accountants and Auditors (LAAA) brings together accountants, auditors and other persons, operating in activities related to accounting, financial analysis and control.

Essential idea of the LAAA membership is that one person, no matter how strong spirited, cannot be as significant and cannot reach as many goals as can the vocational association.

Lithuanian Association of Accountants and Auditors together with the members is a professional unity and the alliance of creative possibilities.

LAAA‘s members:

A person or company wanting to become a member of the Association commit themselves in written to the common objectives of the Association and support its activities.

Benefits of the Membership

  1. Useful for professional material
    2. Professional tips and news
    3. Prestigious certificate and logo
    4. Free seminars and events
    5. 20 percent. discount for commercial events


Benefits Legal persons Natural persons
1. Voting

One vote

2.  LAAA‘S internal website

One login

3. LAAA‘s closed Facebook group

Without any restrictions

4. 20% discount for events

Without any restrictions

5. Free LAAA‘s events

Maximum 3 persons per event


6. LAAA‘s membership document



7. LAAA‘s membership list

Advertising of the company

Personal CV

8. BSS Excel converter

Unlimited number of companies

Only for 2 companies


A person or company becomes a member of the Association only by completing a written request and and payment of the entrance fee and the annual membership fee for the current calendar year.

Membership fee for natural persons is 75/89 € for 2023 and entrance fee is 60 €.

Membership fee for legal persons is 189/400 € for 2023, entrance fee – 200 €.

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