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LAAA Centennial Conference


restoredlithuania100-vertical-logo-dark-colourOn May 18-19th, 2018, celebrating the Centennial of the Restored State of Lithuania, we are inviting you to participate in the international LAAA Centennial Conference in Vilnius.

May 18th

Lecturers from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland and Norway will give presentations about the tax systems of their respective countries and propose the best possible form of enterprise for annual incomes under 80,000 Euro. After the presentations, a discussion will take place, and we will attempt to determine the most attractive country for business. Conference time: 09:00–17:00.

On closing the conference, we will invite you to the Vilnius Opera and Ballet Theatre to watch the premiere of the ballet Le Corsaire by Adolphe Adam.

May 19th

Conference participants are invited to an excursion around Vilnius, which will include visiting the Palace of the Grand Dukes.


INGA PUMPURE, Latvia (50 min)
Tax expert, finance consultant at an  international company. Lectures at higher education institutions, education centers and businesses.

INGA STELMAK, Estonia (50 min)
Tax expert, lecturer at the Tallinn University of Technology and head of “Six Apples”.

GRZEGORZ MATYSEK, Poland (50 min)
Doctor of economics, docent at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, specialising in the field of taxes and tax law. Member of the Polish Chamber of Tax Advisers.

ANNA HALVORSEN, Norway (50 min)
Certified public accountant, tax expert and head of two accounting companies. Gives lectures on the Norwegian tax system for small companies and entrepreneurs.

DAIVA ČIBIRIENĖ, Lithuania (50 min)
Certified auditor, head of “Sostinės auditoriai”, president of the Lithuanian Association of Accountants and Auditors.



09:00–09:15     Event opening, musical performance
09:15–10:05     First presentation
10:05–10:55     Second presentation
10:55–11:20     Coffee break
11:20–12:10     Third presentation
12:10–13:00     Fourth presentation
13:00–14:00     Lunch break
14:00–14:30     Professional notice
14:30–15:30     Fifth presentation
15:30–16:20     Discussion
16:20–17:20     Event closing, special guest appearance, photo shoot


Location: Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania; Gedimino pr. 53, Vilnius
Participation fee: 99 eur

For more information, please contact us at info@lbaa.lt

Fee for cancelled registrations:
– 50% of participation fee



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